Brewed Together was created by husband and wife bloggers, Kaleb and Marilyn Nimz in January of 2013 (as a new years resolution) in order to share their creative passions and adventures.  Inspiration and focus for the blog include their collaborative interests: travel, photography, fashion, design, DIY projects, cooking/baking, cycling, running, and any outdoor adventure!

Kaleb and Marilyn currently reside in Oklahoma City, OK with their tiny Yorkshire Terrior, Evie.  Kaleb and Marilyn enjoy taking photos of people and traveling across the country and internationally, and have a plethora of hobbies they would love to share with you.

The context behind the name:
‘Brewed Together’ has everything to do with coffee. The name stems from Kaleb and Marilyn’s first date shared at a Starbucks coffee shop. Their marriage and blog is the blending of their two personalities and different interests. And like different coffee grounds brewing in a pot, french press, chemex, aeropress, etc., they see their marriage as a creative adventure brewing! The posts on this blog are the caffeine that Kaleb and Marilyn are stoked to share with everyone!

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For inquiries on design or photography or anything else you’d like to mention, you can email us here or at info[at]brewedtogether[dot]com.


Photography by Brian Lawes