We are excited to partner with Old Navy again today to share some of our most recent travels to a charming Bed and Breakfast in Charlotte, North Carolina. One thing that we’ve always enjoyed doing is exploring new places and being outside. This is something we loved doing before we had a baby. And now that we have a sweet daughter, we certainly enjoy nothing more than taking her with us on these fun outings. If you have a child, you know that outings with children can seem few and far between – and maybe you don’t even have much time to enjoy things as an adult that you used to. We do our best to take Genevieve on as many of these adventures that we would have also enjoyed without her. It’s definitely a challenge and maybe we aren’t able to participate in these adventures as often as we used to (due to things like Genevieve being sick or naptime), but it sure is fun to still get out and enjoy some time together doing the things we love when we can. 

We had so much fun on our most recent trip to Charlotte. We were planning to visit my brother and sister-in-law there and our parents actually planned for us to stay at this charming little bed and breakfast there that happens to sit on 5 acres of beautiful gardens. All three of us got out and explored the fountains, greenery, flowers, magical pathways and a little greenhouse they have on the premises. If you are feeling the same as us with not having much adult time to enjoy things you loved doing before having a baby, or if you are simply in need of a mini-vacation and some relaxation time, we’d definitely recommend finding a local bed and breakfast near you to book and enjoy. We had so much fun enjoying exploring the place we stayed as well as its gardens.

When we’re out and about on our adventures, we love to dress for the occasion. In this case we opted for florals, light and springy colors and navy colors for all three of us. We love to coordinate our outfits as a family since we find passion and an expression of art through what we wear. In our opinions what one wears says a lot about that person. For us, we enjoy keeping it casual yet also wearing items consistently that can be dressed up or down. We have been so much enjoying celebrating this new spring season. How do you, “Say Hi,” to fashion?  Feel free to tag your own spring styles to @oldnavy with #oldnavystyle #sayhi. Photography by Kaleb and Marilyn Nimz (wiht some assistance from Geoffrey Grimaud, Natalie Grimaud, and Maureen Grimaud)

Marilyn is wearing: Mid-Rise Rockstar Skinny Jeans for women + Navy Floral Top

Kaleb is wearing: Slim-Fit Stretch Oxford Shirt for Men + Fleece Bomber Jacket for Men in Navy Blue + Built-In Flex Slim Signature Dress Pants for Men

Genevieve is wearing: Ruffle Trim Poplin Top + Ruffle-Back Leggings for Baby


**Outfits listed above c/o Old Navy

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