Brewed Yellow

We did a little shopping this weekend and I found this amazing neon yellow striped knit sweater at Forever21. I had to buy it since everything there is a good deal. I am so in love with this sweater because it is comfy, breathable and probably one of my favorite colors to wear: Yellow. This […] Read more…

Yellow Pants + Denim Shirt

Photos by Kaleb Nimz I picked out some fun things to wear for this weekend and decided to put them together for a few photos.Pairing a denim shirt with colored pants is a great way to make each piece stand out. Just choose a color of pants that goes well with your skin-tone or your […] Read more…

Hello…Pleased to Meet You!

We decided that we should probably have some decent photos on our blog of us. So we turned this idea into a quick little weekend photoshoot. Below are a few of our favorites from last weekend. In the first photo and on the left is me (Marilyn) and on the right is my husband Kaleb. […] Read more…

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