Back in January, Kaleb and I attended Alt Summit and made so many connections with new blogger friends and discovered some very cool businesses. One of the businesses we were able to connect with was Cricut. As soon as I saw what their new Explore machines could do, I immediately new that I needed to own one of these to assist me with all of my DIY projects. The new Cricut Explore is absolutely amazing. You can basically plug this into your computer, go to the Design Space, choose a design or upload your own, and this machine will cut all of your designs out for you. It will even cut cloth material and leather – which made me even more excited to try out on making clothing and accessory items.

I am excited to announce that I will be working with a team of nine other talented ladies to work on themed projects together for the Cricut Design Space challenge which will include at least one project each month from each of us [my team members include: Kim of 733 Blog, Melanie of Artzy Creations, Bree of Classically Quirky, Asia of Sparrow Soirees, Amy of The Happy Scraps, Jessica of Pen N’ Paper Flowers, Rachel of Pencil Shavings Studio, Amy of Ameroonie Designs]. I have loved communicating with each of them and hope you will check out their blogs to see the projects they have come up with. For our theme this month, we decided on Geometric elements that will be incorporated into some sort of fashion or gear. After playing around with my Explore for a while and learning how to use the Design Space, I decided to go with a simpler pattern. I simply designed a square pattern, uploaded it to the Design Space, and it cut my pattern out. Feel free to follow my instructions below to recreate your own DIY: Geometric Print Blouse.

Steps 1-2: Gather your materials. You will need a Cricut Explore, double-sided iron-on fabric, two types of material (depending if you plan to make your own blouse, and then also a contrasting fabric for the shapes). I decided to make my own blouse as well using a simple pattern from another shirt I own and love wearing!

Steps 3-4: Use the Design Space to grab some shapes you would like to have cut out for your blouse. Or if you are a designer, you can upload your own shapes. Iron your iron-on fabric to the backside of your contrast fabric and then cut to the shape of your mat board and adhere. Follow instructions for your Explore to cut out the shapes and then peel them from your mat.

Steps 5-6: Place your shapes on your blouse and iron them in place a few times. Wear it and then make one for a friend!

Photography by Marilyn and Kaleb Nimz 

**Cricut Explore *c/o Cricut


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  1. Amy
    August 21, 2014 at 9:01 pm (7 years ago)

    Love this shirt! The gold is perfect.


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