I have been wanting a pair of silver, glittery heels ever since I got married 3 years ago. There are definitely places to find and buy cute glitter shoes, but I had not yet found a style that suited me. I had lost motivation to buy them when I couldn’t find the style of shoe I was wanting. I thought about this old black pair of shoes I had in my closet. I loved the style of shoes, but I really enjoy wearing color, so I never wore them because they were black. When I found these glitter sheets, I knew I had a great way to make use of those ole’ black heels.
I have seen a few different DIY posts on Pinterest where glitter was added to heels by spraying the shoe and sprinkling glitter on. I was encouraged to create my own method when I saw this amazing glitter fabric while shopping recently. It was just the thickness that I needed (because I wanted them to be SUPER glittery), but I also didn’t want the glitter coming off every time I walked somewhere. I found that with this fabric, the glitter surprisingly doesn’t come off very much (even when I cut the fabric).
You may have also noticed that I have a thing for glitter from seeing my other fashion posts where I was wearing my glitter sandals. I feel that glitter is necessary for different occasions. It just makes me a happier person to wear shoes with glitter on them. Therefore, I decided to create these glitter heels. I’m pretty happy with these and can’t wait to wear them out!
Step 1: Gather your materials. You will need an old pair of high heels or shoes, two sheets of 8.5″x11″ glitter fabric (I found mine at Hobby Lobby), fabric glue, paint sponge, scissors.
Steps 2-3: Dab some fabric glue on the front foot of one of your shoes and press one sheet of glitter fabric long-ways and centered on top of your shoe. Hold this in place until it stays in place. Use your scissors to cut one line from the heel down the center of the sheet to the opening for your foot.
Steps 4-5: Dab glue and spread evenly using your fabric sponge on the sides of your shoe. Press and hold in place Tape the bottom in place if necessary.
Steps 6-7: Begin to cut shape from the foot hole following the natural shape of the shoe. Try to get as close as possible without exposing the shoe underneath. The key is to start by cutting little pieces at a time off the edges. If you cut too much, you can’t go back, so try to stick to little bits at a time. Repeat the same steps around the outside edges underneath your shoe.
Step 8: You may find that once you have glued your sides down, they might not lay completely flat with the curves of the shoe. If necessary, you might need to cut diagonally down one of the sides of your shoe. This won’t be as obvious on your finished shoes, so no need to worry. Just try to lay everything as flat as possible and glue it down well.
Step 9: This step is optional, but I wanted to finish the heels on my shoes. This was one of the harder parts for me. To achieve this, I actually wrapped glued strips of the left over glitter fabric around the heel in a “U” shape and used some clips to hold these in place for a day. Once this is completely dry after a day, you can trim the edges.
Step 10: Wear these babies to your next party or even just out for a date!
Photography by Marilyn Nimz


8 Comments on DIY: Glitter Shoes by Marilyn

  1. Andrew Evan
    August 6, 2013 at 2:26 pm (8 years ago)

    WOW! That’s pretty impressive! The shoes look great. I can definitely put this technique to good use.

    -Andrew Evan
    Boy and the City


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