I’ve been racing bicycles for a couple years now and have started to figure out a decent system for training and how much I have to do to stay at the level I want to be at. Really, I would like to faster and racing at a higher level, but with that comes sacrifices and for that to happen I would have to log a lot more hours during the week and that is not realistic with my schedule.

So this year I decided to back off on racing everything (Road, Mountain biking, and Cyclocross) and and focus on one type of racing. This year I am focusing on Cyclocross; it is one of my favorite types of racing, from the community that surrounds it to the course itself. If you are unfamiliar with cyclocross, a race is usually 60-90 minutes on a one mile course that is set up in a park or field. The terrain varies between grass, mud, pavement, sand, short run ups and much more. 🙂

I titled this post, “First Day of Racing,” because I told myself that I could ride for fun and whenever I wanted until we got back from vacation. But after vacation I would start my training plan with specific types of training rides to prepare me for cyclocross season, which begin in mid September and goes until January.

A glimpse of my normal training week when preparing for the season:

Monday – Rest day or Recovery ride (1 Hr.)
Tuesday – Tempo day (1.5 Hrs.)
Wednesday – Cyclocross practice or commute work
Thursday – Tempo day (1.5 Hrs.)
Friday – Rest day and Date Night 🙂
Saturday – Race or longer road ride (2+ Hrs.)
Sunday – Race or longer road ride (2+ Hrs.)

Most weeks I will average 8-12 hours on the bike, and most of this is in the morning before work. Or ill get up early on the weekends to beat the heat. If you are interested in getting into racing I would recommend reading “The Cyclist’s Training Bible” by Joe Friel. The book looks like a textbook, but it is filled with a ton of great information from training plans to what types of food you should be eating and more.

Photos by Marilyn Nimz


3 Comments on First Day of Training by Kaleb

  1. Katy
    July 23, 2013 at 1:24 pm (8 years ago)

    i wish were disciplined enough to train for a race. every time i say i am going to it lasts about a week.

  2. HelloSweetcheeks
    July 26, 2013 at 5:18 pm (8 years ago)

    so awesome! my boyfriend has been a cyclist for a VERY long time. He’s been pushing me to get a bike and start training with him. It just seems so scary to me to be riding out on the road, you know…where the CARS are!! hahaha


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