Brewed-Together-Hyacinth-Tube-Bouquet-17Recently Kaleb surprised me with by coming home with these lovely tube vases from this modern shop near our house called Perch’d, which is actually located inside a recycled freight container box (you can read a little more about that here). I was so excited to have a few new vases to put our flowers in and I love how simple and modern these are. I felt that these Hyacinth flowers seemed like a perfect fit for these vases since they are naturally shorter and fit the shape of the tubes. The lovely fragrance that has literally filled our entire home since we purchased these flowers has been another sweet surprise. It’s like having natural air fresheners in our home and I’m loving it!

On another note, back on our trip to Kansas City for Go Blog Social a few weeks ago, we met and became new friends with several awesome and talented people. Among those was this lovely lady Maya McDonald who helps head up the Midwest Bloggers community. She asked if they would be able to share a ‘behind the bloggers’ post on us, and of course we were happy to share! Be sure to read our Behind the Bloggers interview over at Midwest Bloggers today to hear a little more of our thoughts and process behind why we blog.


Brewed-Together-Hyacinth-Tube-Bouquets-5Brewed-Together-Hyacinth-Tube-Bouquet-13 Brewed-Together-Hyacinth-Tube-Bouquets-6 Brewed-Together-Hyacinth-Tube-Bouquets-7
Brewed-Together-Hyacinth-Tube-Bouquets-9 Brewed-Together-Hyacinth-Tube-Bouquets-10Brewed-Together-Hyacinth-Tube-Bouquets-8

Photography by Marilyn Nimz


2 Comments on Hyacinth Tube Bouquets by Marilyn

  1. youassassin
    April 29, 2014 at 9:57 am (3 years ago)

    got to love the dog trying to get in some glamour shots

  2. Taylor
    April 29, 2014 at 2:23 pm (3 years ago)

    pretty! Love those!


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