This year Kaleb and I were so excited to attend Kansas City Fashion Week 2014 on March 14-16th of last month. We have been waiting to post about this one because we came home with so many awesome images. We have finally had the chance to sift through some of our favorites to share with you today, but you can always keep up with our latest (and we will be sharing more images) on our Flickr. We really do aim to take every chance we can to visit Kansas since Kaleb and I both have family there. This time we were able to see and stay with some of my cousins who have this amazing shop in Lee’s Summit.

Kaleb and I were thoroughly impressed with the organization and generosity of the staff of KCFW. Kathryn Mansur, head of media, made us feel very welcome and was a pleasure to work with on the details and at the event. While we were there, we made several new friends including some other fashion bloggers. It is amazing to see at these types of events how many other people have similar interests and the amazing talent.
Brewed-Together-KCFW-2014-29Annica Nicole of, Jana Meister of Jana Style Blog, and Jacinta Chevon of The Modest FashionBrewed-Together-KCFW-2014-3Andrea Marie Long was one of our favorite designers at the event. We had the chance to meet her at the trunk show on Friday night and not only was she sweet and adorable, we also loved her designs of lovely fur and tweed/houndstooth print mixes.Brewed-Together-KCFW-2014

Brewed-Together-KCFW-2014-14American Prep Clothing Co. featured more ready-to-wear designs. We really enjoyed the elegant dress and skirt patterns from this Louisiana-based company.Brewed-Together-KCFW-2014-12


Brewed-Together-KCFW-2014-5Kate Walz was another one of our favorite designers of the event. This lovely girl is only 17 and already designing some of the most intricate and stunning pieces. Of course we are a slightly biased as she went with the theme of designing her line around the song: “Sargent Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band,” by the Beatles. We have a soft spot for the Beatles and we loved that this line fit the theme perfectly. We were amazed by Kate’s talent and believe she has a very successful future ahead of her in fashion design.Brewed-Together-KCFW-2014-4


Whitney Rorah’s ByWhitney wedding dress line was gorgeous. The dresses were fun and whimsical and I was ready to buy my second wedding dress after seeing her designs on the runway.

Of course one of the most exciting parts of the whole event was meeting Laura Kathleen from St. Louis and better known as a designer on the Lifetime television show Project Runway. Laura was so sweet and fun and her designs were also some of our favorites from the whole event. Laura’s line was very professional and chic and I was in love with the shoes and accessories she matched with her models.



A few other designs we enjoyed from the Saturday Evening show: Koko Clémence by K. Clémence Lawson, Lauren Bander, and Architexture by John and Christina MonckeeBrewed-Together-KCFW-2014-21On the last day of the event, we were able to see Heidi Herrman’s designs which we immediately fell in love with. When we met Heidi on the night of the trunk show, she mentioned that her line this season is inspired by African fabrics on classic patterns. We loved the idea of incorporating the African patterns since Kaleb and I have both done mission work in different parts of Africa. Her line was close to our hearts and reminded us of our experiences there.Brewed-Together-KCFW-2014-17Like we had mentioned above, we were amazed by the talent we saw at KCFW last month. The designs were obviously incredible, but even the makeup on some of the models was very intricate and detailed. We had to snap a few photos to show you all.


Makeup by J.May & Company on Courney Perry’s House of Cochon designs


Photography by Kaleb Nimz – See more on Our Flickr

We hope you all enjoyed our snapshots of the event as much as we enjoyed being there. We love being involved in our Midwest community and hope to share more with you all soon of more adventures like these!


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  1. Lisa @ c/oMKE
    April 1, 2014 at 4:39 pm (3 years ago)

    This is so amazing for you guys! What a fun experience! And those clothes!!

  2. Kim
    April 8, 2014 at 9:31 pm (3 years ago)

    wow looks like a great show 🙂


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