Last weekend was one of my favorite races of the year Ruts’n Guts. Ruts’n Guts is a three day cyclocross race in Tulsa, Oklahoma that is filled with great obstacles, a ton of rowdy spectators, and some of the best racers in the region. This year I was only able to make it to the Sunday race, but I am so glad that I got to race at least one of the days. At the beginning of the year I upgraded to a category 2 in cyclocross, which is with some really fast guys. There is usually not enough guys to have an interesting race so they lump the category 1 & 2’s together. Cat 1’s are considered professional if that puts it into perspective…those guys are stupid fast! So now that I’m racing the big boys, my racing goals for the year have changed a little bit. I started the year wanting a couple top 5 and top 3 finishes, and now my goal is to not finish last and not get lapped (which is a little harder than you would expect). In all seriousness, it has been really humbling and great motivation to keep training. I wanted to share a few photos from the race…I might not be smiling in any of them, but I am having a blast! Cycling and bikes in general is one of my greatest passions.
Photography by Marilyn Nimz


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  1. M.
    November 14, 2013 at 3:58 pm (8 years ago)

    What is cyclocross? Very awesome that you got upgraded, even if it means more little-fish-big-pond-ness 🙂


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