One subject that’s always been easy for me to write about since we started our blog a year and half ago is flowers. I love that no matter what kind I buy, they are each beautiful in their own way. Any time I take a picture of a flower, it doesn’t seem to matter what my photography skills are, the photos turn out awesome because I have great subject matter to work with. I love how the comparison of flowers can be made to us as humans. Each of us have been created uniquely different, yet there is beauty in each of us.

Something I have always enjoyed about flowers is how different flowers can be used to style our home in different ways. And I’ve found recently that I may have developed a new hobby for collecting vases. I am normally not a fan of collecting objects around our tiny home that will just add clutter, but for some reason I can justify acquiring different vases since (like flowers) they are each unique. And I feel that each type of flower might fit with a different style of vase. I have really enjoyed mixing and matching different vases, but I have noticed that I have developed a specific love for white vases. I promise I don’t aim to just go for white, but I love the clean feel of them and that of course white will go with any color of flower I place in them. I am really enjoying how a few of my recent favorite vase purchases look together. What do you think? (Flowers pictured: peonies – I can’t get enough of them right now, billy balls, and was unable to get the name of the green bush plants – does anyone have a guess?)
Brewed-Together-Assorted-Peony-Vases-1 Brewed-Together-Assorted-Peony-Vases-2 Brewed-Together-Assorted-Peony-Vases-3 Brewed-Together-Assorted-Peony-Vases-4 Brewed-Together-Assorted-Peony-Vases-5 Brewed-Together-Assorted-Peony-Vases-6 Brewed-Together-Assorted-Peony-Vases-7 Brewed-Together-Assorted-Peony-Vases-8



Photography by Marilyn Nimz 

Blue round Vase and White Vase with Wood Base | Target

White and Orange Tube Vase | Perch’d

White Tall Rounded Vase | Michaels


1 Comment on Assorted Peony Vases by Marilyn

  1. Kari
    June 4, 2014 at 2:01 pm (8 years ago)

    Everything looks so great together! I love the peonies with the billy balls. I have always wondered what billy balls were called, but now will search them out since they add such a fun contrasting element to flower arrangements. Love looking at these pictures of flowers–so happy inducing:)


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