About a two weeks ago I picked up some chocolate covered espresso beans from the grocery store, devoured all of them in one sitting, and have been craving them ever since. So I decided it was time to make my own. The batch yielded more then I expected so I decided to half the recipe into half single beans and clusters. The single chocolate covered coffee beans are great by themselves, but what I like to do is mix them in with a trail mix. This recipe makes a great salty/sweet snack and the caffeine in the beans also makes this a great ‘pick me up’ in the middle of the day.

1/2 c. Espresso beans
1 c. Semi-sweet chocolate chips


Step 1: On a stove, melt chocolate over low to medium heat until chocolate chips are smooth.

Step 2: Pour espresso beans into the melted chocolate and mix until completely covered. Using a fork, extract the espresso beans and allow excess chocolate drip off.

Photos by Kaleb Nimz


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