We loved being a part of the B7 Clean Start project where you wear your jeans every day for 6 months. | Brewedtogether.com
(Photography by Blue Seven)

This year I have decided to join the “Clean Start Project” hosted by BlueSeven. Each year starting in October BlueSeven hosts the #b7cleanstart to promote raw denim, and to bring people together for a stronger community here in Oklahoma. This is the fourth year the project has been going on and has developed a fun little sub-culture of people that take pride in the story that their jeans tell. Each pair of denim is different and as the project goes on the jeans will start to reveal different parts of each persons story.

You are probably wondering…What is the Clean Start Project? Here are a few of the project guidelines.
1. Choose a pair of raw unworn jeans.
2. Wear them for 7 months(Oct. 1 – April 30) at least six days a week.
3. Enjoy the process and share your story.

So now that you know what the Clean Start Project is all about, this is the part where I share how it’s been going.

I’m 20 days in and loving it, so far I have…
…talked a coworker into joining the project.
…spilt food on them twice.
…been swimming in a lake with them on.(Impromptu swimming adventure during a photo shoot. I could not get the shot that I wanted so I kicked my shoes off, emptied my pockets and jumped in! It was totally worth it!)
…I have only not worn them one day, because they had to dry from my lake adventure.
…had at least one conversation everyday about the project.

At first I thought it was going to be an issue wearing the same pair of jeans everyday, but have not missed any of my other jeans. This has actually made me start questioning the sustainability of the clothing that I purchase and the companies that I buy from.

To learn more check out Blue Seven’s blog and i’ll keep you posted on my progress.


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