We recently made some new friends out west from California over our mutual love for coffee. Compelling and Rich Coffee is a roaster based in Los Angeles, CA that is committed to offering the best possible product to the aficionados.


This past week I have been sipping on some of their delicious handiwork. One of my favorite experiences when getting a new bag of coffee is to open, let aromas release, and try to decipher the different notes. What I have noticed when doing this is that it does two things: A.) Preps my senses and allows me to be more aware of subtleties within each particular bag of coffee. B.) Gives me an immediate rush, like a I just downed a shot of espresso. This week we were really excited to try out Compelling & Rich Coffee. The fresh flavors in each brew were perfect and we hope you will give them a taste soon!


Photography by Kaleb Nimz


1 Comment on Compelling & Rich Coffee by Kaleb

  1. youassassin
    May 20, 2014 at 8:28 am (7 years ago)

    tasting notes and herb/process. what a brilliant idea


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