One thing I love about Valentine’s Day is hearts being displayed everywhere for the month of February! I love the shape of hearts, I love what it signifies, and I love that you can give them away to people, even if you are not dating. I love coming up with do-it-yourself crafts for holidays like Valentine’s Day because you can make it as pink and glittery as possible, and it’s okay. It counts as your one holiday to get by with making stuff like this. I’m not much a ‘pink’ person, but for some reason, I LOVE crafting with it for Vday.

This year, I really liked the idea of going with gold and shiny hearts. I decided to make these straws as something you can share with your date for Valentine’s Day. And the straws are removable, so you can replace them and reuse these fun gold hearts as party favors at your next fun event or bachelorette party.

Step 1: Gather your materials. You will need one cereal box, a pair of good and sharp scissors, gold tinsel tissue paper, bright pink straws, regular tape, and double-sided tape.

Step 2: Cut a rectangle out of your cereal box (about 4.25″ x 5.5″). Fold this in half and cut a heart shape out of it so that you are actually making two hearts. Don’t worry if your shape is not perfect. You can always trim it up afterwards. Also from the long side of your cereal box, cut a long rectangle piece (about 2″ x 11″).

Steps 3-4: Use your tape to tape one of your hearts to the long rectangle piece of cardboard all the way around. Be sure to cut a small diamond shape in the inner fold of your heart and at the bottom so that your straw will fit through. Tape your other heart on top. Don’t worry if it doesn’t look perfect since it will all be covered in gold in a few minutes.

Steps 5-6: Cut your gold tinsel tissue into 2″ wide strips; the length will be the same as the edges of your heart. You may need to hold these pieces up to your heart to be sure you are cutting the correct length. Cut 2 pieces for each length so that you can adhere these with double-sided tape to each side of your heart box.

Step 7: Repeat steps 5-6 until you have filled your entire heart on each side. Be sure to space evenly. Cut one long strip of gold tinsel tissue and adhere around the sides of your heart box with double-sided tape. Trim any odds and ends off the edge of your hearts. Put your straw through and now you have completed your first DIY: Fringe Heart Straw! You can also cut little fringes along each row of your heart as well if you’d like to make it more piñata style (like our DIY: Shamrock Piñata).

Step 8: Make a few more to share with friends and celebrate the week of love!

Photography by Marilyn Nimz


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