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One thing I LOVE about fall and winter is dressing up with tons of layers! (And even though Kaleb won’t admit it, I know he loves dressing up in the fall and winter too). I’ve picked out a few layers I’ve fallen in love with from Modcloth. If you haven’t heard of them, they are this fabulous online store that sells one-of-a-kind clothing, shoes, accessories, etc. I first discovered them a few years ago through Pinterest and immediately fell in love because of the unique styles they carry. This season, I am loving the sweaters they carry, that I can layer them, and how almost everything in the shop has a vintage style.

As I browsed the store and picked out items I would love to layer together, I immediately fell in love with the Coffee Shop Charcoal Cardigan. I love how vintage and autumn seem to go hand-in-hand in my mind. So I chose the Cardigan because it’s a classic look that is also oversized (to fit multiple layers underneath), and yet it doesn’t overtake your body and lose your figure in the layers.  Between the cardigan and the Yellow Shirt, I was able to base the rest of my picks around these. I love that with the mustard yellow color comes that vintage vibe, which totally characterizes my fashion theme in life. And I feel that the yellow shirt underneath would accentuate the beauty and unique shape of the Coffee Shop Cardigan on top. I’ve paired these layers with a fun vintage-style Black top and Skinny Jeans since I live in these in the fall. And then I’ve matched the whole look with matching classic Jeffrey Campbell flats, color-complimenting Boho style jewelry, and an amazing Brown Oxford bag.

Any time of the year, but especially in the fall, one of my absolute favorite colors to wear is mustard yellow. I buy so many things in this color. Any time I see the color at a store, I immediately start looking to see if the item is my size and if it’s something I could see myself wearing. You may have noticed this color show up in a few of my other fashion posts because I am passionate about it. So needless to say, now that the weather is cooling off, I am already getting inspiration for how I will layer up this season with hints of my staple color: mustard.

The beauty of layering is that you can prepare for those in-between days where it might be cold in the morning and evening, and then warmer during the day. Layers help with making that transition perfect for me since I freeze pretty quickly in cold weather. If you’re wondering how to keep from looking too bulky in layers, my rule is that I choose thin items on the bottom. For this look, I chose a thinner top for the bottom, a more fitted sweater in between, and a more jacket-like cardigan for the top layer. I’ve chosen these fun pieces all from Modcloth because I absolutely love their vintage and classic looks and find great fashion inspiration there. Even though I picked out this specific look today, I could spend hours browsing their site. Be sure to stay warm and check out more of their layering looks this season! What kind of items do you tend to layer? Do you have a fashion style that you tend to stick to more than others?


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