One thing I love about flowers is that they always light me up inside and bring a smile to my face. It doesn’t even matter what kind of flower it is. It could be a weed in the park, but if it has a pretty bud, I will stop to take a picture or pick one a lot of the time. Sometimes I will be running around our local  park and I will still feel the need to stop and check them out.

I came across these simple little white roses recently and decided it was time to buy some flowers again. One of these days, I will start a garden and start planting all of these around our home. I love how something so simple and natural can be so beautiful at the same time. I’ve definitely considered that statement in my own life in the past couple of years. Sometimes leading a simple life, and not always wanting/expecting the next best thing, can be more beautiful. While I definitely love having events to look forward to, I’ve learned that not overbooking myself and simplifying is looking more beautiful every day. And my body seems to thank me for that. 🙂 But I admit it’s one of my hardest struggles and a work in progress. What sort of ways are you hoping to simplify in your own life?

Brewed-Together-Flower-Frenzy-7 Brewed-Together-Flower-Frenzy-6 Brewed-Together-Flower-Frenzy-5 Brewed-Together-Flower-Frenzy-4 Brewed-Together-Flower-Frenzy-3Photography by Marilyn Nimz


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