Brewed-Together-Nothing-can dim-the-light-that-shines-from-within-Maya-Angelou-Quote-700px

Design/Calligraphy by Marilyn Nimz

This week the world lost a few meaningful people. I was fortunate enough to have known my great grand-dad growing up who was among these significant people that passed away. While I grew up across the country from him in South Carolina (while he lived in Texas), one thing that always inspired me about him was his passion for doing what he loved. Granddad loved living in Texas and he loved horses. And those are two things he held onto until his last few years here on earth.

I found this quote by Maya Angelou, who also passed away this week, and loved it because of the hope it gives. Also an inspirational woman, Maya was known for voicing great words about the issues she was passionate about. With the events from the week, I love how this quote reminds us that while we are still living, we have a chance to let our light shine. Let it shine this weekend!



3 Comments on The Light that Shines Within by Marilyn

  1. Kim
    at (4 years ago)

    Love that quote! And your calligraphy is beautiful!

  2. Katie
    at (3 years ago)

    I would love to buy something like this for a friend – any up for sale?


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