Cappuccino made with lots of love by Coffee Slingers in Oklahoma City, OK. Photo via iphone by Marilyn Nimz.
We have always been creative people, but have decided to start a blog to document our work and adventures. We realized that collaborating on a blog together was in our best interests. And with each year we’ve been married, we find that our interests have grown in a similar direction. We feel that collaborating gives us encouragement to grow in areas we may be lacking and will hopefully give us and you a new perspective. Our hope through this venture is that maybe we could provide some raw perspective into our passions, goals, and the community around us.
– Kaleb and Marilyn


1 Comment on Our First Brew

  1. Seng
    April 7, 2014 at 10:39 pm (8 years ago)

    Seriously, you guys seem like an amazing couple. Kaleb – it was great meeting you this weekend at GBS. The way you mentioned and referred your wife in the two minutes I talked to you says a lot. Marilyn, one of these days I would love to meet you. I’d also like to ask in person how you convinced the hubs to blog with you? Can’t get Ryan to seem to want to share 🙂

    – Seng


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