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We can hardly believe how fast 2015 seems to be flying by! It literally feels as if we only moved to Utah a few months ago. And since we moved, we have both experienced major life changes that no piece of advice can properly prepare you for. Moving across the country was certainly something we had been thinking about for a while, but neither one of us could have known how much time and energy it would take to settle into a new home, make new friends, each of us taking on new jobs, finding a new church, and everything that comes along with all of those things. It has been great experiencing the changes, but we must admit it has taken all of our effort and time awake to put into those things – while less effort was available here. But we have no regrets. Sometimes we say ‘yes’ to too many things and overload ourselves with people and projects, and maybe it seems imbalanced at times, but it has challenged us to grow and we have loved every bit of it. We felt that immersing ourselves in the local people/community/culture around our new home was the best choice for us this year.

Now that we are in a place where we are starting to get settled, we thought we would share with all of you our most recent and SUPER EXCITING life change….we’re pregnant!! AND IT’S A GIRL! While we have already shared this news with close friends and family, we thought we’d put together a few photos to document this crazy special time in our lives. We’ve probably thought of about 50 ways to take this photo, but we finally decided on hiking out to see the fall leaves change colors in Park City and taking along this little pink sleeping bag onesie from REI that represents all of the camping and adventures we’re going to do with our new sweet baby! With all of the life changes we’ve voluntarily taken on this year, this is definitely the biggest blessing of all and we couldn’t be more thrilled to share the progress with you guys as we grow our little family and welcome our newest member due on Valentine’s day: 2/14/16.

Sharing about our newest little adventure: Baby Girl! | Sharing about our newest little adventure: Baby Girl! | Sharing about our newest little adventure: Baby Girl! | brewedtogether.comPhotography by Austin Knight and Kaleb Nimz 


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