Earlier this week, I was getting ready to go cycling and was trying to figure out what I could do to protect my camera (Ricoh GRD4) before I stuffed it in my jersey pocket and went riding. A little back story…I have been shooting a photo a day with this camera for a personal 365 project. The project has been going really well, but the camera is starting to show a little wear and tear from this years adventures. It has been crammed in my pocket everyday or for a short stent, I MacGyver’d a strap to make it into a lanyard…that lasted about two days before I got annoyed with it. So I have been trying to find a low profile case that is small enough to fit in my pocket, but durable enough that if I were to accidentally drop it, it wouldn’t be destroyed. So as I searched for a last minute fix before I walked out the door for my ride, I grabbed this awesome Poler Stuff Koozie, slid my camera in, and it fit perfectly. I was blown away! So after the ride I showed Marilyn and she suggested to add a velcro strap to the top to make sure it didn’t slide out on accident. Below is a step by step of the whole process. Marilyn did all the sewing to make it look pro, I just pinned the velcro on the koozie where I wanted it.

2 Pins

Cut velcro into two small pieces (longer piece for the strap and a square piece to attach it.)

Pin the two pieces in place to the koozie.

Photos by Kaleb Nimz


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