Our Inspiration for starting the Daniel Fast was starting the new year with a clean start. Follow our journey! | brewedtogether.com
Recipe Books for the Daniel Fast: The Ultimate Guide to the Daniel FastRAWvolution, and Raw Food Real World.
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Inspired by a challenge every new year put out by LifeChurch.tv, last year we committed to a 21 day fast for the first time. We decided to make this commitment in order to cleanse our bodies and prepare for our year physically, mentally, and spiritually. The options are endless on things you can fast, but we chose to partake in the Daniel Fast.
Although it was difficult, we realized that we felt better afterwards. Our bodies felt rejuvinated. It seemed that the fast had contributed to us having more physical and mental energy. Giving up the things we craved helped us to focus on how we could fill those cravings with healthy alternatives. Also this was a good time for us to really contemplate our goals for the year and focus on filling what our body craved with a spiritual hunger that could be fulfilled through prayer and purpose.
Although it was not easy, we really enjoyed the fast because it gave us a reason to step back and consider how we were living previously. When we had to give up foods we thought we needed to survive, we realized almost how glutenous we were before the fast. There definitely seems to be health benefits to fasting and giving your body a break from processing refined foods with too many ingredients. This also gave us a chance to focus on setting personal goals.
Kaleb also has a passion for creating in the kitchen and this gave him an excuse to make awesome recipes and cook more. So today we begin our first day of the Daniel Fast for the second consecutive year. This year, the fast begins on January 2nd and continues for the 21 following days.
The foods we are allowed to eat consist of: fruits, vegetables, whole grains, legumes, nuts, seed, and oils.  Some of the foods we must stay away from are: meat, dairy, sweeteners, yeast, and anything processed.
We plan to keep our readers posted on the process, our struggles, and the outcome. Kaleb will also be posting recipes to share for those of you interested in trying them out. We hope that this will be a time for you to reflect and consider your purpose and goals for 2013.


1 Comment on The Daniel Fast: Fasting for a Purpose

  1. hannah
    February 15, 2013 at 4:23 pm (9 years ago)

    This sounds really interesting…I try to eat a balanced diet but I’ve become more and more interested in the benefits of cutting down/out particular food types…I’ve yet to make the jump though! I don’t know if you’ve come across the blog My New Roots but she creates amazing and healthy recipes.


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