The past couple years during the summer, a group of my cycling friends have been putting on a mid-week short track race to bring the mountain bike community together when we are in the off season. These short track races are just for fun and are not official races, the only prize is bragging rights afterwards in the parking lot. These races are perfect for keeping a little bit of race form going into the fall race season whether it is for cyclocross or cross country mountain biking. There are usually a couple guys including myself who are out riding on cyclocross bikes, beating ourselves back in to cross shape. 🙂 Cyclocross bikes are road bikes with mountain bike tires, in case you were curious. They are pretty rigid to ride on a mountain bike trail, but that adds to the fun!
Last night my plan was to race for about 30 minutes and then grab my camera and see if I could get some shots of everyone shredding and suffering in the Oklahoma heat. It was hot, dry, dusty, and so much fun!

Photography by Kaleb Nimz



1 Comment on Week Night Short Track Races by Kaleb

  1. wehavethisnow
    September 17, 2014 at 3:02 pm (6 years ago)

    The photography here is truly stunning! What a talented duo you two make <3


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