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Over the weekend we participated in Instagram‘s 9th World Wide Instameet (#wwim9) and it was a blast! We have been to one other instameet and had so much fun that we didn’t want to miss this one. There is a solid group of instagrammers in Oklahoma who care about pushing photography forward, building a community who collaborates, and who never stop exploring. On a weekly basis our feeds are filled with amazing photos from all over Oklahoma, from where all of these grammers have traveled. I wanted to highlight everyone we met over the weekend and give you guys an idea of all the shenanigans we got up too.
Photography by @lanavoo, @le_ciudad, @mattricee, @megcrump, @michael_gilliam, @thomaslperez, from top left to bottom right.

Photography by @twharms, @undrellmaholmes, @nelou, @natewiewel, @russhamm, @simplyayj, from top left to bottom right.

Photography by @abbycoyle, @darrenisreal, @erikg33, @i_like_boring_things, @hipstarod, @emilyifill, from top left to bottom right.

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If you are curious how and instameet works usually the organizer sends out a location or an image from their feed to get people excited about where and when it is happening. In this case Eric (@i_like_boring_things) posted a few photos of Martin Nature Park with all of the details. Eric is a huge supporter of building the Instagram community in Oklahoma, he has been apart of or organized every Instameet that we have had here. So back to what do you do at a instameet, once you arrive everyone meets and mingles for a bit and then whoever is organizing the event will let you know what to do. Sometimes their are photo scavenger hunts, other times its open to just explore. One thing that I have noticed is that everyone is a little uncomfortable at first including myself. For most people you don’t go around asking strangers to take their picture. I say strangers because you have a moment where you call someone by their Instagram handle and realize you have never met them and don’t know their real name. Typing that out makes it sound kind of creepy and stalker-ish, but then you realize that everyone is in the same boat and everyone wants take photos.
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If you are wanting to go to an Instameet here are some tips that I would give you.

  1. Talk to everyone and don’t be afraid to ask if you can take someones photo. The flip side to this is you will have to be the subject sometimes as well.
  2. Ask people about their process, everyone edits photos with different apps, shoots in different ways and has tips and tricks to share. Saying all of that don’t be stingy about your own process, the whole reason why you show up to an instameet is build a community and collaborate to push everyone forward
  3. After it’s over and you are posting photos check the events hashtag and go like, comment on everyone’s amazing photos. I realized that this is a good way to reconnect with people you met that you can’t remember their name or handle.
  4. Last of all, don’t take yourself to serious and have FUN!

This was my favorite photo from the day, but I may be a little bias. 🙂
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Photography not labeled by Kaleb & Marilyn Nimz


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